Minyan of the Bay
Minyan hamifratz is a lay-led Jewish community with members from a wide variety of Jewish backgrounds in the Palo Alto area. The minyan was founded in 2005 by grad students from Stanford. For its first few years, the group was composed mainly of grad students and young professionals. Starting in 2010, Minyan Hamifratz broadened its scope, and while we hope to sustain a comfortable community for young people, we welcome everyone (young and old!) to get involved.
We meet monthly on Friday nights for lay-led, traditional, egalitarian Shabbat services and a vegetarian pot-luck Shabbat dinner in the homes of members of the Minyan. Our general mission is to build and encourage a warm and vibrant Jewish community. Our Friday night services are frequented by Jews of all denominations (and non-Jews). The food is good too! Please join us! We are also expanding to other activities, please check back soon.

Please find us on facebook or join our email list to receive occasional emails about minyan events and send feedback. We will not share your email with other organization and make our best efforts to make sure the list is only used to bcc you on our occasional emails.